Malcolm Entreprise allows scalable reference management and adapts to your activity.
 You have the choice between simple stock management, if you have few references, or multiple stock management.
You can switch from one to the other at any time.
With the exception of the micro business version (Free), which only includes one type of form, you can assign a different presentation to each reference.


Gestion des stocks

This type of management is suitable for companies with a large stock (+ 20,000 items)
you can create as many types of stock or warehouse as you want,
(Example: Geographic location, Brand, Location, type of goods, or....labor, etc etc....)

Each stock is individualized. (Input - output of goods, Serial number, Pricing etc...)


Gestion de referencias Formulario simplifica

Simple management, directly displays the list of all your references, without stock selection

This type of management is suitable for the majority of small businesses that do not have a very large stock (- 20,000 items)



Three different presentations can be assigned to each reference.
Each presentation can be assigned directly from the list of your references.
To change presentation, simply select from the proposed list the one that best suits your product.


     - A Minimal form (eg: Labor, equipment rental, etc.)
     - A standard form,.... Simple management of articles
     - A detailed form (for references requiring precise and complex management.


Gestion de referencias Forma simplificada

Simplified form

Generally used for intangible costs or costs not directly included in the flow of goods,
(labor, current management costs (office supplies, expense reports, etc.)
Presentación standard

Standard presentation form

Suitable in the majority of cases. The barcode field (1D) will possibly facilitate the entry of your billing (see the corresponding section, entry by barcode)
The other Tax field can be applied to the entry of other values, (example: Ecological tax)
PLEASE NOTE: This last field is purely informative, it will be up to you to include it or not. in your invoice. A function in the form of a "toggle button" is available in the invoicing form allowing the display of this possible addition.

fiche stock détaillée

Complex presentation form

This form contains all the information relating to the reference
Price management according to quantities
List of reference suppliers
Tracking Serial (or Batch) Numbers
Nomenclatured items (Finished product including other references)
The history of input-output movements
Attachments (images; notices...)